Rules and Strategy For Popular Board Games

In our current generation, the first thing that would surely pop up in the minds of many when games are uttered, are certainly games that can be played through technology. However, if you're aiming for something more conventional and is still fun, playing board games should be on the top of your list. Board games remain extremely popular today despite the emergence of online games and this is proof of how fun and engaging it could be for kids and adults alike. If you're planning to play some board games with your family or with your friends, there are some board games out there that you should consider playing. Of course, if you consider playing them, you would have to learn how to play them and even delve deeper into their rules and strategies. Whether you're a beginner and regardless of your age, our site is here to present you some of the popular board games and traditional board games today that are commonly played by people, topped with their rules and strategies.


What better way to start your journey of playing board games other than playing one of the most popular board game, the Monopoly. This game comes with 2 to 8 players possible, represented by their token as one of the equipment used to play the game. There's also the board itself, the cash and the two dice. There are also varieties of cards in the game which provides more exciting experience in the game, divided into the deed cards, chest cards and chance cards. In the game, there would also be the banker who will be assigned to handle the bank and the distribution of the money to all the players. In the monopoly game, the general rule is simple and that's to roll the dice, move your token as per the number resulted in the dice and aim to become the player with the most amount of wealth.


Any player from eight and up can enjoy the wondrous board game known as the Scrabble. This game is a highly popular board game and considered one of the best word game throughout the globe. You certainly have heard of it already and it's a game where 2-4 players can enjoy playing the game. It isn't prohibited to team up with others as well. The game involves equipment which includes the board itself, the tile racks for each player, 100 tiles and even the guide of the game. The game is initiated with the participants randomly drawing tiles from the bag of tiles in the game. Each round as well would require them to draw tiles and of course, make individual worlds on the board or branch words from those existing on the board already. With the pointing system, it goes without saying that the winner is the one with the highest points.


When looking for a board game, chess is certainly one of the games that you should consider. It consists of 6 different types of chess pieces and in total, the two opposing sides will get 16 chess pieces 8 for the Pawn and two for each of the other pieces excluding the king and the queen which only has one piece for each of them. Each of chess piece moves differently from each other and the goal of the game is for the player to capture the king or put him on what's called a checkmate.