The Jam Board Game

Ahh jam, a favorite treat from childhood! A bright sunny day - scarlet strawberries, sweet-scented raspberries, tasty apples, still warm pink scum, the humming of bees... Or a winter evening - cold outside, warm inside, a burning lamp, tea is ready - all that's left to choose is cherry or peach? Gooseberry or currant? Why not open a few jars and taste some of each. Of and it would be lovely to bake some pies with jam...#/p

Now you can not only eat jam, you can play "The Jam" - summer or winter, any time of the year, whenever you feel like it.

In this game it is necessary to make all sorts of jam and bake pies. At the start of the game each player is given 4 cards from the deck (this is the player's hand) and a task sheet - the sheet showing different combinations of jam and pies that you need to make to earn extra points at the end of the game. Players receive points by completing tasks, and also for each jam they make and each pie they bake. The one who has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

All cards in the game can be used as either an Ingredient (the image at the bottom of the card) or a Recipe (Jam, pies or fruit salad - the upper part of the card). At the beginning of the game the top 8 cards are placed on the table face up - this will be the Basket with Ingredients, fruits and berries.

How do we make jam: a player plays a jam Recipe from his hand and then places the necessary Ingredient on top of it, which he takes from the Basket ("Raspberry jam" from the hand + Raspberry from the Basket and so on).

Fruit salad and pies are made a similar way, only to make a pie you need to use an already made jam Recipe (by yourself or one you received from trade) instead of taking it from the Basket.

The game is turn based; Each players turn has a few phases:

  • Draw a card - take the top card from the deck;
  • Trade - players can trade Recipes they made with other players;
  • Playing a card - you can make jam, bake pies, make a fruit salad; you can use one of the special rules; finally you can play a card as an Ingredient and place it in the Basket;
  • Discarding - you must discard Ingredients used to make a Recipe on your previous turn.

The game has a few special cards with special features:

  • "The Bear" (Will go to the palyer with the most baked pies and award him 10 points - he does "eat" one of the pies though);
  • "Karlsman" (Goes to the player who can offer him the most jam - grants 7 points but "eats" the jam)
  • "Cone jam" (Can be made using any Ingredient, it can then be used to make any pie).

The game ends once all the cards are used up, including cards on the players' hands. Points are counted to see who the winner is. Different players complete the tasks on their task sheets differently: some try making "Winter jam" and baking "Pies for granny" first, some collect "Favorite fruit". At the end of the game it becomes clear who made the correct choices that led to sweet victory!