Most Popular Board Games

When the day is said and done, you could take a rest from the hectic schedule you've just encountered and had some fun with your friends and your family. However, not many would have the energy or the interest to always go outside and have fun. Still, you could have fun even in the midst of your humble home through playing the abundant amount of popular board games today.

It is extremely amazing whenever you think about how a small and limited piece of the game can be played by a diverse amount of players at the same time. There are simply endless games in various categories that you could play and there's no doubt that if you're going to play them, you'll want nothing short of the best in the industry. Fortunately for you, our site is here to give you some of the most popular board games up until today, from , strategy board games, trivia board games and more.


When it comes to strategy board games, Chess easily takes the top spot. It has been a renowned board game for ages and up until today, you'll still see it thriving all across the globe. It's an extremely popular game where two opposing sides battle it out with their chess pieces with the goal of taking down the king of their opponent. The goal may seem simple but with the chess pieces having a diverse set of moves along with the wits involved in playing, you'll surely find it to be an extremely exhilarating game to play. Today you can even play chess for real money. Many online casinos offer that pleasure of online competitive playing, and chess is the second most challenging strategy game, after poker. However, you will find more bonus options and tournaments in poker, needless to say, that poker is the casino crown. Read more about the poker bonuses by visiting this guide for online poker and seeing what Brazilian casinos have to offer you both on poker and chess.


The first thing that you may think about adventure board games could be inclined on medieval times or something on fantasy's side but, monopoly is a classic game that could fit right into the adventure category. This classic can be considered an all-time favourite for families throughout the globe and though it can span for hours of gaming, it's a game that any player would not be bored of. Through luck and crafty ploys, it is your task to stand above the competition and become the richest on the board who will bring down and bankrupt all your opponents.


There may be nights where you and your family would want something beyond simply exciting, topped with a bit of mystery that would make even adults wrack their brains in thought. Clue is a trivia board game filled with suspense and thrilling mystery where the players have their sights on capturing the murderer in the board game and solving the case. You'll surely see plenty of popular board game reviews out there providing this game critical reviews, showcasing just how exciting it is for you and your family or friends to play it. Solving crime and mystery is a setup that may be cliché but, it would never grow old in the hearts of many.


If you want to battle it out with players on who has the wider dictionary of vocabularies, then the most exciting game for you to play with is definitely scrabble. This game has already become a classic and has stood as the best word board game for countless years. It is something that can be played by kids and adults alike. It could be a fun game for kids to widen their vocabularies and a game for adults to showcase their competitiveness.