Cool Game Board Game

Are you frightened by big games with 50 page long rules? Does it take half the day to get started? You're sitting a café with friends and there's nothing more to discuss? You're going to a party and you're sure it's going to be boring? Your work day hasn't ended but both you and your colleges are sick of working (or let's say the internet's down)? You girlfriend hates board games ("They're too hard, I'll look stupid playing it")?

Well if any of the above is true for you then you need - "Cool Game". A game about managers, for managers. Simple and very fun.

What do you need to win? Become a sex giant and make a head spinning career! Or both at the same time (though that's highly unlikely...). How can you do it ? With Fame and Fortune. They grow each turn but depend on the Welfare and Status of the player.

Each card in the game is an event in life. Life is a game . A game is life . You need money and popularity; everyone seeks to raise their welfare and status. But only one can be the winner.